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Meet the Staff of Turn & Burn Motors

Jack Carter - Owner

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In 2012, Jack Carter opened the Doors to Turn and Burn Motors. His goal was, and remains, to Change the game in the Used Car industry. You see, Not only does Jack have a passion for Cars, he has a Passion for people he serves and he has ensured that it is an element that is honored by his team. Jack stands behind the people he serves as much as he stands behind the Vehicles he sells. When you shop at Turn and Burn, it will be a Great Experience.

Ben Carter - Floor Manager

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Ben, who is the Brother of Owner Jack Carter, helps run the Day to Day operations here at Turn and Burn Motors. From helping you find a vehicle that meets your needs to helping resolve issues, Ben is here to help you where ever you may need.

Haley Ledbetter - Front Office Manager

678-562-1793 - turnandburnmotors@gmail.com

When you Call our Store or Come to visit, your always greeted with a Smiling Face. Haley helps to ensure that, while your at Turn and Burn Motors, your process goes smoothly. Whether you buy a car or Come to browse, Haley will always make your Experience at Turn and Burn a great One!!

Joy Carter - Sales Manager

678-562-1793 - turnandburnmotors@gmail.com

Joy makes sure that when you leave Turn and Burn Motors that you are WELL FILLED with Joy!! When you purchase a Vehicle from our team, Joy helps to get all of the paperwork and hassles done with ease. With years of experience, Joy can answer any question or concern and have you feeling assured. Joy is always here to help, so if you would like to know more about Financing options or even to buy a Vehicle, give her a Call!!

Thomas Chastain - Marketing Manager

678-562-1793 - turnandburnmotors@gmail.com

Turn and Burn Motors gets alot of Great cars and we want you to know about them BEFORE they are gone. Thomas leads our Marketing team and helps to ensure that our Website stays updated NUMEROUS times daily. He also ensures that you can find our Vehicles with ease by keeping our Cars and trucks posted ALL OVER Social Media Sites so you never Miss Out on a Great Vehicle ever again.

Dylan Perish - Service Manager

678-562-1793 - turnandburnmotors@gmail.com

Whether you are just now buying a vehicle from us or bringing it back for service, Dylan is the man that will make it happen. Dylan handles scheduling repairs on our Vehicles and our customers, then develops a plan to make it happen. No matter the issue, Dylan strives to make our vehicles and our customers vehicle maintain a long life.

Tanner Beck - Shop Tech

678-562-1793 - turnandburnmotors@gmail.com

At Turn and Burn Motors, We pride ourselves in the quality of the vehicles we sell. From making sure they are cosmetically sound, to making sure the Vehicle is in great running condition. That's why Tanner is on our Team. Tanner helps to ensure every vehicle that leaves our lot is taking care of from the time it gets here and then throughout the vehicles life. Just like Turn and Burn Motors, Tanner is dedicated to quality and will make sure your taken care of anytime you visitt Turn and Burn Motors.

Yasmani (Manny) Perez - Detail Technician

678-562-1793 - turnandburnmotors@gmail.com

You may wonder how we can make a 20 year old car look like its Brand New?? Well, Manny is our secret. Manny dedicates his days at Turn and Burn Motors to doing the MOST EXTENSIVE Vehicle Detailing available in the Industry. Manny carefully removes the interior from most of the cars that we get, cleans them Heavily, and Re-installs with absolute precision. Afterwords, he uses Top of The Line products to clean the vehicle Outside and in, from the Roof to the Rims. When you see how clean our cars are, Manny is the the person to Thank!!

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